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Posted by Carlota on November 13, 2020
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From his point of view, the subject for reasons of business benefits as well as overlooking the security of investment should be considered significantly wider focusing all procedures relevant to modern desktop architectures and technologies. Reebok recognizes the significance of this. He includes on the one hand the virtualization and centralization and process automation and liberalisation of the devices. On the other hand, providing flexible, high-quality services in the self-service and the site – and device-independent use of the clients include for him. Earlier the technical infrastructure had to first be created for inclusion of locations or branches or call centers, while with the appropriate concept the technical requirements today virtually minute fast can be made”, Gallagher refers to the business brand new Benefit options. But exactly the width of the design components is considered after assessment of the Centracon business leader often only a set of relatively independent topics. The company often leads to the effect that it will withdraw on the use of certain and trend-oriented technologies”, it problematized. As a result, detail-oriented solutions would implemented, which inevitably only in individual aspects produce improvements, but cut to the actual desktop architecture not on the changing needs of the business organization. Centracon: The centracon AG, headquartered in Leichlingen is a specialist IT consultancy in the areas of workplace management, desktop virtualization, software and service automation, self service portals, identity and access management as well as remote access and authentication solutions.

centracon offers technology advice from the business case over the solution development to operational integration and strategic business consulting as well as program and project management. centracon advises and works according to internationally recognized best practice methodologies such as PRINCE2 and ITIL has become since its founding in 1990 a leading special consultant has 34 employees. Customers include, for example, Deutsche Bahn, GAD, Deutsche Telekom, e.on, Deutsche Lufthansa, Sparkassen Informatik and different large sized and authorities such as the Ministry of the Interior.