Posted by Carlota on October 29, 2021
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One of the causes for which no progress is our permanent inclination to postpone what deberiia done immediately and bluntly. A saying says not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, but in the version of the lazy the same proverb says: don’t let tomorrow or you can do last tomorrow. They are snippets of folk wisdom that speaks clearly of the importance of the time, the present and the future. But what would happen if we act as if tomorrow already today? Eche4mos a look at these possibilities:? We would use the time effectively and would get the maximum advantage in their use? We mirariamos towards the horizon, and to see the flight of the butterfly, see the worth of the brief, the greatness of the small and the absolute vastness of the divine work. We would appreciate the extraordinary amazing value of moments and the portentous meaning of the simplest moments. We see the need to act even though the barriers try to stop us; Although the precipice of distress would prevent us reaching our goals; Although the moving ground of doubt intend to dissuade us from our ideals. We would take the unwavering decision to act, and act now, for the benefit not only of our particular interests but of those around us, including the child whose smile invites us to hope; the young man whose illusions invite us to not compromise and the elderly whose tired voice calls us to go one step further in our walk irreversible towards success. We would avoid postponing indefinitely the Supreme work and maximum achievement to which we are called by life, by nature and by God.

We marchariamos forward but gets the failure; We move in the right direction although the risk of losing is seen threatening and dips, when we least expect it, the difficulty or danger. We would understand the unequivocal message of the sacred text when invites us to act for the benefit of others and alerts us about the inconvenience of not doing so: and that he knoweth to do good, and it does not, it is sin.? We give fully to consider the past as a time from which we extract the best memories and moments to live the reunion with the best passages in our lives; to appreciate the present as a gift that must be harnessed without hesitation; and to see the future as a time which will soon reach or (one never knows) that perhaps came as you read these lines. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors..