Prospects For Alternative Energy Development In Russia

Posted by Carlota on November 13, 2023
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Mineral resources of the planet according to various estimates are limited to stock on the power system needs enough for a maximum of 100 years, so the development of alternative or renewable energy is a topical, profitable and timely direction works. Alternative sources of renewable energy include: – Solar Energy – Wind Energy – Tidal Energy – Geothermal energy – Energy from biomass (plant forests, peat, crop residues and agricultural) – The energy produced from household and industrial waste in Western Europe and the United States on a national scale are used all the above types energy sources. Depending on the particular region in the structure of alternative energy dominated by one or another source. In particular, Iceland, Denmark and several U.S. states are widely used practice production of heat from geothermal sources. In Norway, hydropower are used throughout the installation of small capacity. In the lowland areas are installed wind power in the southern regions – Solar battery.

In the last quarter of the 20th century in Europe was 'boom' construction of plants for energy generation from municipal and industrial waste. In countries with a sufficient amount of forest are being actively implemented combustion technology biomass in the form of raw material (sawdust, wood chips), as well as ennobled biofuels that can be divided into three categories: – Pellets (pellets, briquettes mini) – compressed cylinders with a maximum diameter of 25 mm – Fuel pellets – compressed product cylindrical, rectangular, or any other form, their length is usually 100 – 300 mm shall not exceed five times their diameter, which is larger than 25 mm, and typically 60 – 75 mm. At camden treatment associates you will find additional information. – Small wood powder, to be very homogeneous in terms of technical indicators and can be fired in the same way as gas or oil (spray through special nozzles). Fuel Technology granulation is a direct continuation of the industrial production of feed products for livestock and has its origin in North America. .