Public Budget

Posted by Carlota on May 18, 2021
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The Project of Annual Budgetary Law is sent annually by the President of the Republic to the National until day 31 of August and returned Congress for presidential sanction until day 15 of December. It is on the basis of the authorizations of the LOA that the expenditures of the exercise they are executed. During the fiscal year it had the necessity of accomplishment of expenditures above of the limit that is foreseen in the LOA, the Executive submits to the National Congress the project of Law of additional credit, until day 15 of April, the President of the Republic has that to give to the National Congress the referring accounts to the previous exercise. The governmental action will obey the planning that it aims at to promote the economic-social development of the Country and the national security being that the administrative case of the Executive will obey the general programs, sectorial and regional of plurianual duration, having to be elaborated by the planning agencies. Read more from Ubisoft to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For the Law of Fiscal Responsibility the Process of planning, that is, the elaboration of the Public Budget is a basic and crucial point, therefore the PPA, LDO and LOA leave to be simple instruments elaborated for fulfilment of legal disposals and will start to make real effect in the accompaniment of the management.

Complementary Law 101 does not revoke the Law n 320/64. The two objectives are distinct of Legislaes, however the Law n 4,320/64 if relates to ace general norms for the elaboration and control of the budgets and rockings, already the LRF establishes the norms of public finances that are come back toward the fiscal management, on the other hand the CF gave to the Law n the 4,320 statuses of the Complementary Law. Although the changes still exist some conflicting devices between the two rules of law, as well as prevail to the will of the Law most recent, a fact concrete if of the one from some alterations suffered for the Law n 4,320/64, as the concept of the established debt and the concept of dependent state-owned company, amongst them some budgetary classifications..