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Posted by Carlota on October 22, 2015
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Plays in Torneo Argentino A, a soccer championship third division organized by the Federal Council, an internal organ of the Association of the Argentino.corrian football the last days of 1924, holiday season, in a room of the Suipacha Street to 900, in the traditional and by then called neighborhood English, a group of boys who had just a game of football a few blocks from the placereplacing the tired, a little joke, but with the solemnity that invoke transcendent acts, decided to found a club that channeled his passion for the sport. Then, born on a warm afternoon of December 14, 1924, in almost silent and anonymous, form without grandiloquent speeches, with simplicity but with unwavering determination, Club Atletico Racing. That same Act of Foundation was decided to form a Commission provisional, which is designated President Rodolfo Castro Aguirre. The name and colors when choosing the name, one of the founding members, Mario Sanchez, who a few months later would occupy the Presidency, suggests the name of Federal shooting. The reason, his sympathy that felt towards the Rosario club.

On the other hand Jose Salomone, later leader, proposed the name of Club Atletico Racing, being from years follower of the Racing Club de Avellaneda. Taking these two proposals, the provisional directive Commission headed by Rodolfo Castro Aguirre decides to present to vote for the name that liked them more. After scrutiny, came to the conclusion that the preferred name was Racing Club. And the new institution of the capital of Cordoba would come under that name to the history of the national football team. When choosing colors there was no discussion, the choice was unanimous. The blue and white was the color chosen, but a problem arose when formalized: the club Velez Sarsfield already used previously, the alternative arrived it was a jacket light blue, white and red vertical poles. But a year later the club Velez Sarsfield is dissolve, so Racing could access their coveted colors, which would accompany it since then and forever.