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Posted by Carlota on November 8, 2021
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With the fashion label Schiffhauer presents the actress Christine Neubauer your first fashion collection. “On the Sunday August 15, 2010 press and celebrities from the fashion label were Schiffhauer to showcase of the fashion collection Christine Neubauer limited edition” invited in MOC Munich. Presenter Nina Eichinger opened the catwalk for the unusually modern fashion show. Burgess Owens addresses the importance of the matter here. Not models, but the female members of a dance troupe presented the collection, which was a huge surprise. The exclusive collection was created through the collaboration between the designers Schiffhauer and actress Christine Neubauer. See more detailed opinions by reading what Glenn Dubin offers on the topic.. The 48-year-old thus designed her first fashion line and faced the camera itself as a model for the collection.

“” Now goes a girl dream for me: I can design my own clothes finally “, raved Neubauer in an interview with people today”. The elegant womens clothing is designed for all women: this mode is independent of age. All women from size 36 to 46 will be and to feel unique and beautiful”, describes the clothes that come with elaborate embroidery, striking Tierprints and body-hugging cuts designer Roswitha ship Kalan. Strong fashion for strong women is the motto of the fashion of Christine Neubauer. From military, tip up to a resurgent Leolook every woman should fashion feel. Interested parties can look at all models of the collection in the Schiffhauer online shop and order.