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Posted by Carlota on May 18, 2021
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The Power must be used, then, of weighed and wise form. In way to conciliate the desire of private freedom and the concern with the Common good. Not only to conquer the next one or to impose its proper wills or opinions on the Society, as certain elements try here convincing in them. (Christ) my Father Says: He respects the next one as you desire that they respect you exactly. (Scrates) You say then that the Power is obligator and necessary.

It can be said, then, that Sociology, for example, when studying the Society, nothing more is of what fruit of the Power that Regulates the Proper one To be able? (Adam Smith) This ratifies then my thought, Scrates: How much minor the Power, better the Society, therefore lesser will be the problems! Especially the economic ones! (Scrates) In fact! But it allows me. I say: the Economy, then, also does not happen of the Power? How to distribute the scarce one to the abundant one? (Christ) Only make I it, Children. With fish and breads. (Gates) and I with money! It never saw? To distribute very for few, of preference! (Churchill) Not, Adam! The Power must prescribed necessary, the when only necessary one and as it will be necessary. Always if respecting the basic Rights of the Man.

However, it attempts against well that, for ' ' necessrio' ' , we must understand ' ' sempre' ' , since she is of the nature human being to live in society. She is characteristic basic of it. for its perfect functioning, of perfect form must be exerted the Power. (Scrates) Mine carssimo and sapientssimo Churchill: It is to this then what we call Politics? (Christ) Scrates, you said exactly it! (Hitler) you Define what it is Politics, Greek of Hells! (Scrates) Why you do not define it, Gates? (Gates) the Maiutica is with you, Scrates! As good Sofista, I suggest that vocs they buy the Seen Windows and have access the Wikipedia will be Windows! The answers and definitions will find all! To an ethical and morally reasonable price! Organized and powerful definitions! But if to want definiz it, Scrates, will be happy in ouviz it! (Oracle of Delfos) Sofistas.