Strange Awakening

Posted by Carlota on April 4, 2015
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I went by lifting slowly – he was shaking, but not separate my eyes of those ferocious creatures, I felt like a cockroach – they had horns that were glued to their necks, looked like triceratops, but with the height of Tyrannosaurus rex, I had not seen anything like!Never! approaching the Lake for drinking water – take me hands to mouth instinctively to stifle my screams. I thought of hide me, but if I moved I would see? I wondered to myself the creatures began to head down to drink water and panic I turned and ran toward the site more dark that he saw, where neither the electrical flashes reached was a type of cave but while more I approached the dark more it would be lit the way where passed, it was as if carry lights by where he spent all my around was lit that light came from my body! I was that everything was lit! Not understand anything of what was going on! Suddenly the words to me I said my mother echoed in my head:-we are star dust! She told me with a big smile on your face – grasp me the breast with my hand just thinking about it – note Me luminous hands and understood: I was pure energy! came of my moved his hands to my around to expand the spectrum of light and observe the cave where they had come was as an Earth tunnel walk inwards of the tunnel – which no longer wanted to be seen by the gringas who were out – the light that was born of my body was as a white with a little light blue light divise a Flash at the end of the tunnel was possible! There was light! I began to walk more quickly but cautiously was perhaps the end of the tunnel! Or there was something else. Could not believe what my eyes saw! The light came from two people who were that in the cave! My excitement had no limits! I ran towards them and we embrace! was not alone in this strange reality! My heart throbbing with force!, the light that made me continue inside the tunnel came from these two people, it was comforting to see that it was not the only, nor the unique, which found light!… continue..