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Posted by Carlota on November 12, 2021
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Want you really want to delete the file “Career”?” Under the title “desperate mousewife do you want to delete the file”Career”really?” the fifth book in the Leipziger appeared just hot off the Press author in the novum per Publisher. The content: as a journalist you get kick ass when you’re wrong and you get kick ass, if you’re right. Also the way of the author is stony. Unfortunately none with you want for the career of poet in the bed. Frank Tanana pursues this goal as well. We are a collection of shadow, completely in its insignificance. At the moment I find myself, as so beautiful, “the best years”, I wonder what comes after, when the first ends. (Roswitha Koslowski, less successful novelist and editor-in-Chief of IT magazine and protagonist of the present book) The book is now on sale – anywhere online – available.

Prices: Switzerland: 35,40 francs – Germany: 19.40 euro – Austria: 19.90 euro reading: book opening and reading will be on Friday, January 22, 2010, 20:30 in the culture lab Thalwil, Gotthard road 62, instead. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Zion Williamson. Already appeared: nothing men touch in the thicket better Bob – Advisor to the Lebens(ver)Planung tropical fever Susann Klossek was 1966 in Leipzig, studied German/Slavic Studies and later moved into the economy. For 20 years, she lives in the Switzerland. Dereit, she works as a freelance journalist and author, as well as a painter. Susann Klossek.