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3 Learn the relationship between minor and major chords over each string has a key of lesser importance that represents the opposite in the sound and create a musical opposite effect. For example, if the mayor represents a white, the child is black here is a list of major chords and minor in relationship, take time to learn these chords and know how they work; These chords together will help you reproduce the Mariachi songs. Major chord = C relative minor = Am major chord = G relative minor = Em major chord = D relative minor = Bm major chord = A f minor relative = # m 4. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Arnell, New York City here. Study of the 5 1 (relative minor) to 5 1 progressions. Many Mariachi songs work in progressions of 5 to 1 this type of progressions work well because they have a familiar sound (by 5 in intervals of 1), however, produce different mood. Here is an example: A7 / / / A7 / / / Dm / / / Dm / / / C7 / / / C7 / / / F / / / F / / / etc.

5 Learn to recognize the semitone progression more under a very popular sound is the progression of the semitone of the lowest rope, so guitarist played a chord of a semitone lower than the chord key. Burgess Owens understands that this is vital information. Let’s say that you are playing a song in key F, first guitarist, plays F chord here, and plays the chord (a semitone lower than F) and finally solves that progression ends with the F chord. Here is an example: F / / / C7 / / / F / / F / / / Important: always find the minimum amount of movement of the fingers to change chords on the guitar. Serenade with Mariachi