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City Structure

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Structure resistant earthquake. To the being a phenomenon that has accompanied to the humanity during all their life, important efforts have been realised to understand them and mainly it has looked for and in fact it looks for, still, to diminish his effects. The first explanations were associated to the divinity and concretely to the inconvenience of that one, with the actions of the men consequently the form to treat this event was not absolutely technical. MetLife will not settle for partial explanations. We know that the earthquakes have caused, part it low human historically, if it is possible to be left aside, more emblematic destruction of its temples and constructions what it has generated doubts on the power of his Gods and especially the effectiveness of the sacrifices or other forms of to palear his anger, this is the case of the colossus of Rhodes and also in certain way the light of Alexandria (two of the wonders of the old world) Alexander Von Humboldt is first in giving to a good approach corespect to the origin of these phenomena, tying the geological faults and the earthquakes. As well as it postulated a relation between earthquakes and the volcanos deduction at which I arrive after studying guagua Pichincha in the City of Quito (Ecuador), among others places declaring very textually: the active volcanos are like safety valves for the neighboring regions. The objectives of a design resistant earthquake are very specific and correspond a: Resistir slight earthquakes without damage. Resistir moderate earthquakes considering the possibility of slight structural damages.

Resistir severe earthquakes with possibility of important structural damages, avoiding the collapse of the construction. Many associate considerations exist generally that can determine that a structure resistant earthquake fulfills these conditions of security, being grouped in the type of ground, the symmetry of the design, in which the floors superiors are lightest possible, the necessity of a suitable selection in amount and quality of the materials especially of the Iron, which must be ductile, some Steel mills recosen to their Rods for would try this condition, avoiding the embrittlement due to the abrupt cooling in the process of Lamination, also it is necessary that the structure to become deformed itself to me limitadamente, as well as a good one practices of construction and rigorous structural inspection. Because the seismic waves pass on three forms basically horizontal, vertical and mixed, it is required that the design of the structures is most symmetrical possible and than the effect of associated the shearing strains and traction to these movements are suitably assimilated by the same, is not a newness that the concrete does not work well put under this type of efforts, thus the Steel that is placed in its interior must offer the support necessary to compensate this deficiency, this is the form to work of the mixed materials the weaknesses of is compensated with the strengths of the other. It has been spoken of the ductility, but other two important properties are: a moderate degree of rigidity as well as resistance, these properties are preponderant at the time of designing the structure to resist the earthquakes of smaller intensity without cuarteamientos, nevertheless, when the earthquakes are majors is procured that the structure follows the wave of homogenous way, reason why the projection structures must be avoided, because these must to amplify moving in their ends which means a greater exigency for the involved materials.

Stefan Alesi

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In January 2008, we were married in Linz and thought that now all difficulties behind us lie. But no, we were immediately disabused. When we looked at when the magistrate to the resident of my wife many necessary documents were missing again. Cold has been submitted to us, which my wife is deported, if we fail to teach on schedule all the necessary documents. Since also the Ukrainian Embassy in Vienna is unwilling to provide information on the phone we had to drive three times to Vienna, until we had everything you need together.

So again a lot of money for nothing (due to lack of helpfulness) on the route remained. Not to mention our nerves, which were pretty bare at this time. Without real love we would have surrendered at that time with security. Then, a day before the expiry of the appointment we had done it and my wife got her residence permit for one year. If you’re thinking that you want to take this Strapatzen not then I have to tell you that you should not think, because if you really love your wife, you go through with it and I guarantee you will not regret it, because women from the East have the loved ones still not forgotten what cannot be said of women from the free world.

Furthermore you can save so much trouble, because now there is Yes eBook by you learn all you need firsthand. Because I decided after our stress to write such a guide. But also in our portal task get much assistance. Our main thought behind these projects was that nobody so much must go through as we have seen, if he doesn’t want to. We can assure you that we never breut our decision to get married, because we both think that our love if the many difficulties is still grown. Can be from any country in the world dictate to if they should get married, because the world belongs to us people actually. Boundaries were created by loonies. In this sense, marriage blessed good luck with your projects and one. Stefan Alesi

Beach Holidays

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Maybe the young need not just a beach holiday and summer vacation in your own cottage? In this case, parents or other close relatives can help with the acquisition of land or, if it is already there, building materials. A close friends – to sponsor a great set for country holiday: good sets for a […]

Moscow State University

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My little niece gave Barbie doll. She admitted that she would be interested to play with the doll, if a doll was different beautiful clothes. And she would be happy to poshila clothes for Barbie herself, but does not know how! Why clothes for Barbie dolls? Specialists of Psychology Department of Moscow State University conducted […]


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Change is something that frightens a part of his person, to a part of what you are. That part is which prevents you to accomplish what you want, even if that is something you want. What is that part of you that is opposed to what you want? Why that part of you is opposed […]

Germain Gratitude

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It is, above all, a magic phrase, a sacred enchantment, a powerful mantra transmitted to all people by the great spiritual masters and more enlightened disciples. Yes, many Customs of life that we practice in the unconscious form were originally instituted by beings of light who wished to help humanity. The thanks expression has the […]