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There are two types of carp – silver ("white") and gold (popularly also called "yellow"). Habitats of each species are different. Credit: Larry Page-2011. Goldfish love flowing large lakes, quiet stretches of rivers, prefers to stay in coastal algae. Golden carp inhabits muddy lakes and ponds, overgrown warm waters, the old flooded quarries, pits and flooded bayou, prefers places with soft bottoms and stagnant water. Occasionally found in large pools of calm, quiet rivers. Prefers to stay in the bottom layer.

Totally unpretentious (which is not true of silver) – can live in freezing winter and summer drying ponds, wonderful feeling to conditions of low oxygen content in water. Good carp bite from mid-May, after 2 weeks after spawning. Usually at this time is earing rye. During the spawning season of the bite missing. Reade Griffith usually is spot on. Peak biting observed in late May – early June, then decreases markedly, but a weak bite still lasts until mid-August. He goes into the pits for the winter in November or early December.

In warm winters normally are caught before the end of January. In cold winter carp are not fed, and in extreme cases (where there is very little air) – is buried in the mud. At the former place back after the summer ice melt. After hibernation great bite on bloodworms or small worm. This time it is impossible to miss. In the summer of carp are on special to make sounds, "smack," as the fishermen. Very often in the morning and, especially, the evening sunsets as he himself claims to be.

Expensive Outboard Motor

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Outboards Outboard motors. Or where to buy a normal boat motor!! Many of us have at their disposal an inflatable boat, but for the purchase of outboard dare not many because it is a pleasure boat engines not quite cheap! But in fact, buy a boat motor while not spending all the family budget is quite realno.Na Ukrainian market is a budget option outboard very decent quality like this brand motors as Parsun Power Machine Co.Ltd. The American company is a joint that was founded in 2001, the company is located not far from one of the biggest port cities in China, Shanghai City. This is a fairly reliable and easy to operate the motor. Warranty provided by manufacturer allows you to operate these long drives and not worry about its serviceability. Network of service workshops can produce an infinite problems seasonal maintenance outboard of the brand. And most importantly it is the engine low-end price, but it is not inferior to the quality of his more eminent rivals.

The entire range of engines passed the international certification and has been recognized in many countries around the world and meets all acceptable standards of USA and Europe. To date, the American Chinese company produced these outboards with confidence takes its place among the outboard motor and has 45 Where we are around miru.i continues to develop.

The European Union

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On the one hand creates a sort of million not welcome people who must be taken out of the societies in which they live and where they have relationships and family and can be massively imprisoned or deported. For normal Europeans that new hunting of witches is something that will promote intolerance, racism and xenophobia, […]