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Standing Committee

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The importance of this text is maximum as it is the first where the power actually installed in the Town Hall (H? tel de Ville) is officially aimed at representatives of the regular authorities. The delegation led by de la Vigne, arriving at the cour de l’Orme, notes the existence of a persistent crossfire between the rebels stationed in the corridors and the garrison by firing from the top of the towers. To attempt to pass she shakes some white handkerchiefs but neither soldiers nor citizens understood or simply became in turn a blind eye. Then they rehearsed occur ahead of the fortress, passing by the street of Saint-Antoine, achieving in this way put an end to the firing by the attackers but with the misfortune of having not been adhered by the soldiers of the garrison, who followed, from the top, acribillando to the assailants, reason by which the crossfire was restarted, this time with more ardentia. Meanwhile the Standing Committee, which had continued taking, decides, before the delay of his delegation, submit another more formal headed by the Procurator of the city, Corny Ethis, who would be armed for a drum and a flag. This new delegation was composed of Boucheron, Fleurie, from Milly, Piquod of Saint – Honorine and Beaubourg Poupart.

After you redouble drum, Boucheron and Piquod enter the cour des casernes, where a good number of men armed with rifles, axes and sticks, who agree to cease confrontation. Passing the large drawbridge entered into the cour du gouvernement. Boucheron moves on the stone bridge and opposite the second drawbridge he beckons with its hat screaming with all their forces it was a delegation of deputies to let you shoot. The Marquis de Launay believes that the delegation is a ruse of war and why, once he turned to return by the cour de l’orme and average lap offensive of the people, he again instructs the troops open fire.