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A few weeks ago, Strasser capital GmbH launched its first Fund, which invests in the implementation of solar projects, the May 19, 2010 Munich. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Benito Santiago. Now has attached itself to the enterprises with an addendum of the General discussion on an extension of initiator liability in Munich and dispensed, like some mostly larger emission houses previously also on the statutory Disclaimer after six months. Such a rule was never an issue for us, because we are convinced of the feasibility of our fund strategy and are now of course also with our name”Konstantin Strasser explains the motives as CEO of Strasser capital GmbH. In this respect he and his management board-mate Christian Reuter see it just as consistently, to offer them more of investor protection. We want to do it right from the beginning, always includes this decision against a control sensical from our point of view,”Strasser says. For about five years, subject to Capital market issues of the closed fund market of supervision by the Federal Agency for financial services supervision. A variety of regulations from the securities business in the course of which was incorporated into the so-called sales prospectus Decree, is the basis for the brochure implementation of investments. This includes also the rules that prospectus liability already six months after the first publication of the investment offer is void for instance by display in a daily newspaper.

You imagine that: an initiator released allow the sales start, the Fund then but a half a year and already he has shifted his grip on distribution. This may be not right”, Strasser describes the possible risks. The abolition of this passage, Strasser Capital took therefore consequently distribution with regard to possible prospectus errors from liability. This also in the consulting Protocol, each intermediary working for the Strasser Capital has to do with his customers and what causes at the same time is documented. that possible advice error be restricted.