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Charles Darwin

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If the book is not in that building, all libraries offer the possibility of interlibrary loan. Between the gaps of service, it was perceived that there is no work rooms in eight of ten libraries group or in the same proportion auto-prestamo points were not. In addition, only four libraries have an uninterrupted schedule of morning and late (one of the University closed even at 01.30 a.m.). Libraries studied in Barcelona obtained a unbeatable accessibility rating, which places them among the best in the report on this matter (along with Bilbao, which also gets an excellent note). And it is that the doors of access and all the centers studied interior rooms were wide enough to allow a person in a wheelchair is shifts smoothly, toilets and elevators were adapted and all ladders access that were found were saved by ramps. The cleaning of the facilities got a very well (not seen dirt and disorder of the materials that are stored there) and the information given to users scored with a well. To assess this section CONSUMER EROSKI technicians conducted a test practical search for a book in the ordenadores-catalogo of libraries (the origin of species, Charles Darwin, for the University libraries and the Perfume, Patrick Suskind, for the rest is chosen). The simplicity of the management system implemented in nine of the ten cases analyzed were found (in the remaining library unable to perform this test, since the user should be partner to access this search).

However, the attention of the employees was scarce in seven of the ten centres: when the technician inquired about the exact location of the book which had sought, only got a couple of indications in response. However, security is paragraph which worse note saca in the visit to these ten cultural facilities (just a mediocre acceptable, just as the national average). Missing security cameras in the input and output of nine of ten libraries, two of the centres do not have marked emergency exits, there is one that no account with lighting of emergency and, in eight, technicians found that there was no fire doors. The best and worst of libraries in Barcelona do best: accessibility and at entrances, interior cleaning and toilets facilities. Information and loan system (both in number of volumes that one can take home, as in the term in which you can have them) outstanding. The worst: deficiencies in security (security cameras and emergency exits). Compiled by. Javier Mejia T. original author and source of the article