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Geographic Information System

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Having mastered the Volga city of one million, they went in breadth, focusing on the overall investment attractiveness of the region. For the opportunity to develop into a renowned Kirov operators will compete with each other, but not with local businesses, says CEO, “The network of commercial real estate,” Constantine Kropachev. – Konstantin, your company is the developer of Geographic Information System of the investor of the Kirov region and with the support of the Government is on the site information for potential investors. Why development of commercial real estate market begins only now? – There are several factors coincided. Haley Tju is likely to agree. On the one hand, federal companies are already working closely on the highly competitive market of big cities, and they begin to look use of his capital, where there are serious players.

On the other hand, the regional government, which was aimed at supporting primarily industrial investors, now wants the Kirov was formed modern infrastructure. As a rule, begins with development of land trade. In the coming year, we expect intense competition from developers who come to the area with major projects shopping centers (shopping mall). The “second wave” will be the construction of modern office complexes, will be followed by the development of logistics infrastructure. Until now, the consumer market Kirov presented Only local retailers, but even the biggest of them – “Globus system” – no longer corresponds to the modern shopping mall format. On his intentions in the past year have almost all the leading network operators, and now the question is one of them will go faster in the first three, which would remove the “cream” with consumer demand. – Will find its niche local retail business? – It will depend on the strategy of the federal companies.

In most Kirov common format of “convenience stores”. On the one hand, such objects can exist peacefully next to major centers. At the same time buying a network of stores enables large investors to quickly go to regional market. It is known that some companies, “Crossroads,” in particular, has shown an interest in Kirov networks. – Investors with large-scale projects generally tend to take place in the city center. Is the Kirov for the free sites? – Yes, that ambition is at all. But the center of Kirov built up tightly enough so promising now considered to be peripheral areas with good transport links. – What are the objective difficulties exist for investment in commercial real estate? – Key challenges for developers, which lead to increased costs and delaying the timing of the construction related to surveying land and obtaining technical conditions. Investor has to pay for connection to all utilities. In addition, the deficit is beginning to emerge generating capacity to provide new facilities. – How are a price of commercial real estate market? – Average cost of rent and the sale of commercial premises, we are still lower than, say, in other cities of the Volga Federal District. In Kirov base rental rate is 1200 rubles per month per square meter. m, in Kazan, for example, 1,500 rubles, the Izhevsk – 1300 rubles. But the dynamics of growth last year was high: the average rent has risen by 74%, and the sale of retail space – at 80%. You can say that the market Commercial Real Estate Kirov has defined his price range, and the owners are willing to wait for objects of effective buyer.

Affordable Housing

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Location of production in the region will greatly enhance efficiency of delivery to the construction sites at a lower cost. Many enterprises in the field of creating new production with the use of modern technology. In 2007, OOO “Lepse-Sloboda” opened technological line for production of structural insulated panels (CFT) for low-rise housing in the city of Kirov. And it is not surprising, as in 2007 the Russian government in the national project “Affordable Housing” has made a bet on the construction of low-rise housing. It is this type of construction, according to Vladimir Putin, have all chances to solve the eternal issue of housing in Russia. On the material itself must be say the following. PTS consists of two particle board made from softwood veneer.

Between them as insulation glued layer of solid polystyrene, which has a high moisture, does not separate, not crack or warp over time … From the tree to the concrete. LTD PAC “Concrete” (Kirov) has opened a line for the production of dry building mixes under the brand name ‘Bentonite’. The company works at the Kirov market a little over 5 years, during which time she went from production to specialized masonry mortars. Every builder knows that the dry mixture – this is an obligatory attribute of any construction or finishing area. Use dry mixes can perform construction and finishing works in the short term with high performance. Also in the past year, Ltd.