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Baby Boomers

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Especially older investors prefer investments in closed-end real estate funds as funds are closed-end real estate funds about the SHB from the generation of baby boomers benefit”is Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), with conviction. Today especially older investors would be interested in such investments. And in fact the Association closed-end funds (VGF) established that nearly half of the investors is older than 61 years, seven out of ten artists are then at least 50 years old. The particularly post-war and also deep-pocketed vintages of the baby boomers in retirement will come in the next few years. Of them, so Gruber, for example, SHB real estate funds will benefit. The experience with relevant surveys could confirm him, because just older people prefer systems without depending on unpredictable developments on the stock exchanges or the capital market interest rate. Not only the regular distributions, are interesting for this target group “SHB funds expert Gruber explains: closed-end real estate funds offer, depending on the design of legal, even in the succession or donations advantages compared to other systems.” This definitely was a timely conversation with a tax adviser. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) is focused on facilitating the participation in high-quality commercial real estate investors.

The company from near Munich manages the real estate itself and has access, at any time, for example, a rental shortage should emerge once unwanted tendencies. The Fund receives ongoing income from renting and leasing it and is to be built at the end of the term of the real estate fund an additional profit from the sale of real estate. The particular advantage of a closed shareholding as the SHB once funds or SHB Immobilienfonds consists in the participation and involvement of the investors. Annually they are informed and regarding their opinion about the ongoing development proposed options held. Specify the price of the Fund so. This form of transparency and participation opportunity is unique in the capital market”, confirms SHB real estate expert Gruber and sees a great advantage for closed-end funds therein.