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The founder of village in country Cameroon Luneburg Heath offers the possibility to own independence in the country. Living & working in the countryside has begun in the \”country\”Cameroon in the Eastern Luneburg Heath as a modern fairy tale. As dropouts from the Hamburg-based world of business, the family Stehr dared her start in country life more than 35 years ago with a small wooden hut. The family has carried out your own dream of living and working in the country and today the \”country\”Cameroon consists of a network of different people, businesses and holiday offers. Information platform it was always an important part of the family philosophy on cooperation to find good solutions for all people. Cameroon is now not only a small town, Cameroon has also become a strong community of different people with the same interests all love life & and the work on the land and provide the interested visitors very special leisure and holiday offers. Reade Griffith is likely to agree.

This network to promote and further now, there are the Internet platform to develop. rds’>Daversa Partners if you seek more information. For over 35 years the country of Cameroon is the initiator for incredibly many ideas around holidays and living and working in the countryside. In country Cameroon, there is Hotel the 1st German potato, there are the rider Village Cameroon Africa wellness, children hostel and apartments and there is a round village saga field a genuine Ayurveda health village, in the style of an original Wendland Crescent village. In the country of Cameroon, there is much reason to live and work in the countryside. Same with 4 own construction areas and a building area of over 100,000 square meters, the country Cameroon can wait. Use of the possibilities set out in the development plans leave no wish unfulfilled: tourist use, craft, commercial, residential, seniors, sports, horseback riding, agriculture, restoration and much more. The Internet Platt farm sees itself as ideas – and proposal donors for creators in the country.