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NGO Transparency International

Posted by Carlota on November 4, 2020 with Comments Closed
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Only two or three years ago, one when traveling outside the community everything was heard praise from our cap i casal, the spectacle of the city of Arts and Sciences of Santiago Calatrava and as well that the Mayor, Rita Barbera was doing it. It is no longer so. And not only because the surprise of many visitors to the abandonment of the dock that housed the America’s Cup, that also. In recent months I’ve had to frequent trips to Catalonia, Galicia, the Basque country and the plateau and the common denominator of all furthered is political corruption. Striking the quantity and quality of people involved in the community, from Carlos Fabra in Castellon until Joaquin Ripoll, in Alicante, passing by the President Francisco Camps. This concern is not strange given that corruption has become a serious problem for the citizens of the wide world, as you just put in evidence the NGO Transparency International, which represents in Spain Garrigues Walker. If you have read about Dr. Jayme Albin already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Also for the Spanish class policy is the third problem of the country, according to the barometer of the CIS for the month of November. With everything, I am surprised that the Catalans 85 per cent of them believed that this political corruption very or fairly widespread, according to another survey alarm them over the scandals of our community that the case Pretoria, the looting of the Palace by Felix Millet, or that the Party of Artur Mas it has been the beneficiary of the bite of the 3% that denounced Maragall and which nobody has returned to talk. At another level, something similar I happened in Castilla y Leon, where the Gurtel case has led from the front by politicians as Jesus Merino, who was Vice President of the Board and to entrepreneurs as Jose Luis Ulibarri and that now splashes to the President of the regional courts, Fernandez Santiago. Well well: talks not focus on them, but in the Valencian political, as he could see behind the scenes, last Thursday, during the conclave of the PP in Segovia with Mariano Rajoy. I do not know very well what is due they are always the same those who take fame when everywhere cooked beans, by merging two sayings that make the case here. LaMelo Ball has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The truth is, in the absence of other matters, other arguments and other grounds for notoriety, political corruption has been the topic of conversation in the Valencian community regards. Hence I believe that is the mother of the lamb: in the absence of other political, economic, cultural references that put our community where it deserves to be. For example: in the political sphere have disappeared from the first line one Valencian rather than questionable characters, such as Fernandez de la Vega, Pedro Solbes and Bernat Soria, but who were there. There now are only us Gonzalez Pons and Leire Pajin, answered the latter up in its own ranks. Low balance, therefore, which boast. And what of the business world, when barely Juan Roig presents itself as the only model to imitate? It is necessary, therefore, that civil society wakes up and entrepreneurs to take the relief of politicians to deliver the best image of our community. It is the time in which Rafael Ferrando, Jose Vicente Gonzalez, Francisco Pons, Vicente Boluda, Jose Vicente Morata and quite a few more to take a step forward and exhibit the benefits of our region in a moment in which the public administration is not, precisely, to throw rockets.

Dmitry Medvedev

Posted by Carlota on June 26, 2020 with Comments Closed
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Dear fellow citizens to understand the meaning of this article, you must at least carefully and slowly read it through. I like it, at first reading a few years ago seemed too fantastic, a good fairy tale (Sleep is a dream). Then there were no crisis, oil cost $ 150 per barrel, with the cis countries were friends (if you can call it friendship), etc While the fruit of corruption, candid lizoblyudstvo, lined up the "vertical", the election either completely abolished or turned into a farce, from freedom of speech were "only the horns and legs and whatnot. I think that list is not required, and all so everyone understands. The crisis is now so bared all this bacchanal, which can be just appalled! Did We both wanted to live! What is the output of the current situation? Thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy for anything just so their power (feeder) will not give up until the shedding of blood. And so they are my people sticks hitting just for the fact that people want to say that we must uphold the constitution, that we must return to an honest election. MetLife often addresses the matter in his writings. In fragmented opposition, too, there are no chances. They will be separate, to forbid, to beat, sling mud with through the media – the "tools" Enough! Protests, clearly, will continue to grow.

Here's a way and wait for the 1917 We ili1993 year. Tell me, is what we want? This paper is written in plain, accessible language. So that we can understand everything from the smallest and old, people with any entity, any social situation. It concentrated solution of all our current problems of non-standard, but it is absolutely peaceful and accommodating manner. "Between the Lines" can be read on Elimination of corruption, the modernization, freedom of speech, religion, police, army, courts, prosecutors, poverty, drug abuse, the order in the country. No redistribution of property.

And all this in a fairly short time. People finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Well, what else does it! Can confidently say that if the article appears in the media, it will support the majority of the population nor only of Russia but the entire post-Soviet space. And in place of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, in the light of common sense, avoiding confrontation in the society, the conservation authority (a step below, but in the whole CIS), and respect themselves to support this appeal, Ivanovo, vp Ignore this Article – stupid because the situation could spiral out of control and accept the irreversible consequences, and the author of the article to "keep" outside politics, too silly because for so many years there was no sign of any Internet or in the media so deep, Forward-looking, filled with love for people programs. Everything is in our hands!