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Posted by Carlota on June 18, 2020
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Against the resistance of Mannheim, additional miles of range to wrest 14.10.2013 to electric vehicles, break the automakers some fundamentally different ways. Aerodynamic tweaks include cost-effective measures, which are therefore also input into the production. So air damper systems and the large panel of vehicle subfloor can significantly reduce the drag coefficient. Air damper systems convinced steuerbarer for more coverage of Rochling automotive since 2000 with system competence in the field of intelligent, air damper systems. On eCarTec, stand A6 109, the company shows the air damper system for the Tesla s The electric vehicle has an engine from a total of four damper named internally created from Rochling automotive active grille shutter B2evolution. Due to an optimised aerodynamics, extended the system in a relatively economical way the range of electric vehicles and also contributes to the improved battery temperature control at. The developers of Rochling automotive especially on minimal air leakage paid attention in the construction.

Developed actuators specifically accept the demand-oriented control for damper. They are suitable for almost all applications by default and be adapted to the conditions of use of the respective model only by playing on an individual software. Lightweight reinforced Thermoplastics (LWRT) optimize the air resistance particularly on the underbody of the vehicle light components from plastic in the trend. What began with the replacement of individual components from GMT and D-LFT, who were still twice as heavy as the currently available solutions from LWRT, has become today a construction principle, the weight gently covered almost the entire surface of the subfloor and optimizes the air resistance. More comfort with less weight with Seeberlite is one of the pioneers in the field of the LWRT applications Rochling automotive and itself to make these areas acoustically and thermally effective. The aim is the comfort for the Passengers to increase and at the same time to save weight.