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Posted by Carlota on January 15, 2017
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Especially at first, do not leave them to play alone. – Prevent child interfere with the dog resting in his nest. " Even the smaller disturb him there. The dog will be grateful to you for, and the child at the same time learn to respect another's holiday. Who knows, maybe when you decide to relax on the couch with a newspaper after dinner, he will not bother you.

– The house where a small child, toys scattered on the floor – the norm. If you do not want to watch children tears over the "… tore a bear paw … y-y-UUU!, immediately, from the first day did not allow the dog to play with things that smell like your child. Here the principle of "through the generations – the youngest is working against your purse, and nerves. Not stingy, buy a puppy a few new toys without your personal odors. Once the puppy tries to grab an unauthorized item for the game, immediately file a forbidding command, take the thing and immediately give puppy to his toys.

Let my child plays. And his heir debts tell them to toys cleaned, and then gobbled up their puppy for lovely soul. Feel? Went to the educational process! – Decide immediately what restrictions will be in the dog in your home and teach your puppy to immediately follow. It's very simple. The main thing never allow the dog to break the rules. For example, my dog does not go into the nursery, where there is sleeping child.