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Posted by Carlota on March 11, 2016
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And a black ball must strike 'in the pocket, away from the that to which has been hammered the last ball player category. But since in the billiard halls of this is sometimes problematic because Time costs money, and want to play more parties, the players agree that the pocket for the black population will nominated by the player after the last of the potted ball of his category. The game also provides for penalties (fouls). A foul is awarded when: a player does not hit on any ball, the first player hit the ball not the category, the player has scored cue ball is pocketed. If a player fouls (commits a foul), then his opponent can strike from anywhere in the packed table, ie rival could put the white ball in hand anywhere).

In the billiard halls as a rule sometimes is replaced by the fact that opponent can inflict two strikes in a row. It's worth noting that if a player has scored all the balls of his category and he scored eight ball in the right pocket, but the scores and cue – he loses. Goes the myth that if the first blow, smashing triangle, the player scores the eight ball, then he becomes the winner. No, it's not quite true. If the break is hammered eight ball, the player can either put this eight ball on the table, or re-arrange the pyramid and the strike again. "Nine" – a kind of pool. In this game the balls do not fall into the striped and solid.