The Front

Posted by Carlota on April 29, 2021
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He is the reply that searches, but is not ready. He has that to be mounted as one breaks head stops later connects it one alone thing. As well as reply of what it comes later also she is not ready for nobody, me, you nor for the proper universe. Then our fear is not the fear of the death is the fear of what it comes then Later? Or perhaps of what it does not come? It is this hardest fear of all, to find that it does not come nothing, to exactly find that it goes to lose everything, everything, until the proper fear of the death. Nothing knowing that is compared with this never more we will come back, to understand never more for we is difficult because we are here and now and in is inconceivable to imagine this to them. If you have read about Affinity Health already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Well understandable that is in certain logical level, because it does not have forms to die and to come back conscientious to expilcar this at least for the time being in is not allowed this to them.

Perhaps our palliative one in this immense esquina of the existence is to know that we are not alone that of some form somebody is pushing the boat, cosmo, the life, supply-I disappear of the existence, back in the front. That it has somebody or some thing that although not to be able to give name and not terms the capacity to still perceive it, but exists. this force, this light that did not forbear continues going and going and it does not stop more. It does not stop because perhaps it is certain that as well as it we still go to give one mozinha, a blow, alento so that it continues, so that it does not need to sail alone in the great sea of the eternity. But to arrive at this we have that to lose the fear of what it comes and of what also does not come. We have that to lose the fear of in them losing ones in the others. The only fear that perhaps to have to have is to lose ones to the others, therefore seno what it would remain in them to exist? Because it is as soon as is sailed in the unexpected and surprising sea of the eternity, joined ones to the others.