The Individual

Posted by Carlota on November 20, 2013
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When I was son? ' '. ' ' Transformao' ' , literally, therefore very it was transformed into the life of these women. The group arrived at this stage only with women. Women with triple hours of working, mezonas, women who load the world in the coasts: ' ' in my house it is a battle and film of mood. My husband seems a clown, but when it is not in the mood phase I who sustenance famlia' '.

Trindade (2006. P. 118) says that ' ' … the individual, when available placing itself for itself, develops autopercepo how much to its way to function I obtain proper, with the other and the world to its redor' '. One of the participants it said: ' ' he is as if I was intent it my look, for the things of my life, have that to change mine olhar' '.

In this stage we work with the subjects: Constructing my world; Shaping itself exactly; Metamorphosis; The colors of my world; Constructing a doll, and Personage of life. As plastic resources, we use mass of shape, clay, periodical, ink gouache, brush, weaveeed diverse, wool, miangas, bristol board, ball of isopor and hot glue. ' ' If this world was mine, would leave it to I more colorful; leaving very opened, it is difficult to observe. I am selective, had that to have firmeza' '. At this moment, one of the participants speaks of same itself, but the work of the colleague is mentioned to it, suggesting changes, therefore, after all, this age the proposal of the work: ' ' I, that I have that to open, cannot wait that other people come in my world and open. The necessity is mine, I is that I have that to make this in the day the day, constantly, what is mine you in outro' '.