The Repair

Posted by Carlota on June 6, 2021
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floor covering special materials with a large thickness or high heat (thick slab of marble or granite, etc.) In all these cases it is necessary to increase the capacity of the system, as well as to conduct heat engineering calculation. Special mention should be on the premises with a wooden floors or parquet. Due to the low thermal conductivity of wood at a standard power density of "warm floor" temperature at the surface of the floor will be noticeably lower than desired. At the same time under a wooden cover in the space between the beams, due to poor heat transfer surface temperature of the cable will increase. Thus, the power cable will be mainly spent on heating the wood, which is extremely undesirable from the point in maintaining its moisture. Some companies offer for rooms with wooden floors and sections of heating cable with a specific power of 10 W / m Of course, the cable will not heat too much, but heating in such systems is practically unnoticeable. On the use of "warm floor" as the main heating system in such premises, however. To avoid misunderstandings, as well as the increased fire risk, we does not recommend the use of "warm floor" in their classical performance in rooms with wooden floors. Hyperfine "warm floor" Purpose: When the device "warm floor" during the repair or reconstruction is often not opportunities to increase the thickness of the floor, even at 3 cm (the minimum thickness of screed for laying cable).