The Role Of Satellites In The Promotion And Site

Posted by Carlota on August 17, 2021
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If you find out about the origin of this word and its meaning, it immediately becomes clear what connects the words “satellite” to move sites. Learn more at: Melido Perez. Satellite (from English. – Bodyguard, moon) – in the field of promotion of sites is usually small (sometimes there are rather large satellites) site, which has taken a strong thematic focus of thematic information. On the first couple satellites used for support and promotion of the main sites: Enhance tic and pr, and increased the number of inbound links to your site, redirect to the primary site traffic, etc. It is also possible the option to create a separate network of small sites that can be used not only for the benefit for any basic resource, but also, for example, to speed up indexing of new sites. Also, if non-zero rates net of satellites, multiple satellites can quickly pick up new website pr value and tic. But lately, with the advent of special exchanges, selling links, site promotion using satellites gradually fades into the background – as creation of a site does not take so much time and became require less knowledge (the existence of various ready-made CMS), often has been the use of satellites as a source of income. On the quality of the satellites can be divided into several categories: 1.Satellit filled with unique information, with a completely unique design and is located on the ‘talking’ second level domain.

Development of sites this category occupies a significant amount of time, but it can surely be confident that site does not fall under the ban search engines and will have maximum impact. In appearance satellite will fully comply with a convenient self-site, which can not fail to bring traffic to promote the site. 2.Satellity on rewriting-based content. Rewriting is unique only to search engines, so if the user has already read this kind of information on another site, then chances are that the user would be disappointed as the site and will not come to him anymore. This type of satellites rather resistant to the ban search engines and are perfect for leveling the main site. 3.Satellity to copy-paste (fully copied information from another site). The advantages of such satellites can be attributed only save time when creating, but the disadvantages far more: the site can not even get into the index of search engines, which, naturally, will mean wasted work performed.

4.Splogi (Samonapolnyaemye sites). With the advent of separate cms, designed for blogging and creating special plug-in for parsing content from other sites as satellites were created splogi. Costs over time beyond the minimum (much faster than manual kopipasta), plus a splog in the future will be filled with their own information – this is, of course, all very good. But here, as in the satellite category above, we have to be huge chance to escape from the site indexing by search engines. Of course, if a serious approach to business, you should create a satellite belonging to the first or second category. And then, in any case, the result will be much greater than in third and fourth options. When you first create the satellites do not forget about the “purity of the Internet, which every day is getting worse and worse.