Thus God

Posted by Carlota on May 4, 2021
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The imensido of God is transcendente in the space (imanente = inside of the world – intramundano Sl. 139:7 – 12; Jr.23: 23,24) and are of the space if it uses the term (supramundane = above of the world; to define its infinity also is extramundane = beyond the world; which if assigns as emanente = it are of the world – IRs.8: 27; Is.57: 15). Onipresena: he is relative to the imensido, denoting the transcendncia in the space, being that onipresena denotes the imanncia in the space. Thus God is imanente in all Its creatures and all the creation. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cigna. If he cannot confuse the imanncia with pantesmo that he says much less (everything is God) with deism that teaches that God is present in the world only with its power, known as (to per they portentiam) and with the essence and nature of being not to define as (to per they essentiam et naturam) and acts in the world in the distance, because God fills the space all and he is not absent in no part of it, this does not want to say that neither it is more present in a part that in another one (Sl.139: 11,12).