Posted by Carlota on December 25, 2021
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We must not pass us stripe, because if that happens they artaran it and you won’t have a good presence on Twitter. 6 Continues to people with the same tastes follow people who addressed the same topics as you on Twitter or simply have them like that you. Many of them might follow you and will be completely natural since they will read your tweets because of issues that they like. 7. Invites your friends Twitter invites to your friends, relatives, colleagues and partners to register in Twitter and then follow you. It is a good method of getting followers, especially if you have many friends who are not yet registered.

8 Publishes your blog in your profile Twitter have a popular blog or is not a good way to attract followers, either by publishing your blog updates on Twitter and have readers through Twitter or publish any entry about Twitter and place a link to your account. 9. Help from other networks if you use other social networks in addition to Twitter suggest to your friends that register on Twitter and follow you. It is another good way to attract new users to Twitter and get you to follow. 10 Publishes constantly and good information provided that you post good information know constant, since if we publish a good tweet today and tomorrow do not publish anything, we will not receive ReTweets or anything. 11 Greets and bids farewell to your followers whenever you start a new day on Twitter presents its compliments to your friends, this way they will respond you and your profile will appear in the accounts of every follower of your followers.

When you are done your day do the same. We can associate this with the Council 5. 12 Tweet when there are more users trafficking publish your tweets to the hours that your followers are hooked up, so have more replies, ReTweets, and even more likely to have more followers. 13 Attend meetings of Twitter meetings or conferences of Twitter are a good way to get followers. Also discusses many topics that will help you improve as a Twitterer to you also. Surely in your city has this kind of meetings or conferences. 14 Tweet as if outside a blog as a blog we try to have more readers, comments and visitors, on Twitter we can achieve the same, the methods are similar and if we have a good blog, why not achieve having a good Twitter?. 15 Be patient the followers come over time, if you see a user with more than 1000 followers on Twitter is because Tweet for a long time. Vos trafficking simply follow all the steps properly and you’ll see that with time the results will be very positive.