Ultimate Christmas Present

Posted by Carlota on June 14, 2021
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Vereinsamst you still love you already? The new idea book by brainfloor.com helps singles to the new happiness 365 ingenious ideas, how man (n) women persistent can be fascinating, just waiting to be finally implemented by the man’s world! Man types there are many: the daredevil, the macho, the self-assured gentleman, where are all the women at the foot. But appearances are deceptive! Behind many of the rough shells a surprisingly soft core as the shy loner who brings out a word out of fear of rejection in the presence of secret beloved. Or the unlucky bird that sustainably can impression despite utmost efforts with any woman. Have you also such a copy in your circle of friends? Or even in your own family? Then it is time to act. Brainfloor makes the Saviour in the emergency because we have created the perfect gift for all those among the men, alone fail to impress the woman of your dreams. In our love guide for him we have 365 wundervollsten, combines fascinating and romantic ideas, like one (s) the single life Finally an end can prepare. Whether whitewater kayaking for two it’s dinner for the daredevils, sexy body painting sessions for the artist, or a romantic candle-light something for everyone.

And the best is: (n) must find out only the favorite idea and implement no hours headache more 🙂 All ideas come from members of the brainfloor.com community, authentic, real life, fascinating. From the 555 proposals, a five piece, female, jury selected the 365 lesenswertesten. These will now be published as a book. Success in implementing is pre-programmed at least once found the ideas of women for “good”. Help improve the world of men. Be the shining Savior and help the lonely hearts in your environment to the new happiness. It’s time for more romance. Don’t you find?