Villca Fernandez

Posted by Carlota on March 22, 2021
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This protest began shortly after which another group of students finished a hunger strike in front to it soothes of the OAS in Caracas, asking that a mission of the organism reviewed the situation of several imprisoned politicians, but that finished when the government was committed to review their sentences add to Us, that it has grown until reaching the 24 students, Villca Fernandez, student of the University of The $andes, has been first in radicalizing its protest when sewing part of its mouth with two stitches. " We have decided to seal our voice to raise thousands of voices in all the pas" , there is saying, and it has assured that after sewing its mouth it will demonstrate " in own meat what feels that they seal the right to you to live, to hablar". The second was Luis Magallanes, student of the University of Carabobo, that said a rosary before entering the ambulance where they sealed part to him of his lips. " We have come taking actions that have come radicalizing indeed because the national Government has had an indifference towards estudiantes" , he has expressed in declarations to means. Both students assured they will continue suturando itself the lips if the minister of Education, Yadira Cordoba, does not get ready to speak with the demonstrators. A third student could add itself in the next hours to this radicalization of the protest, that is counted with the support of students of all the country. Definitively, the college students have become both last years in the protagonists from the opposition to the Government of Chvez, having headed protests, manifestations and hunger strikes that have obtained important results like the suspension of the controversial Law of Universities, to that the own agent chief executive had to give reverse gear at the end of the past year. He is abominable the situation to see like is happening at the moment that before the little attention, importance that the National government has given him to these strikes to contribute solutions, to avoid the conflicts, as the students are attempting with their health and to get to cook the mouth because the government does not pay the required attention to them.