VOI Partner Booth

Posted by Carlota on May 6, 2020
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CeBIT takes place this year in Hannover from March 5 to 9. Following companies are exhibiting at the partner stands of the VOI Association organisational and information systems (Hall 3, booth D34/1): BDV presents the upcoming version 4.4.2 of the University archive system. The focus is on further developments of the WorkflowServers and the of UniWeb clients. Working workflow participants browser based with the WebClient UniWeb, which provides an online research in University Archives. The Web-based version of new or further processing in the how Unicapture and Unides of owned documents is also possible. In addition to the KODAK Scan Station 520EX, further hardware integration for the JobCharger Scanclient will be presented with the sceyeX document camera. Details can be found by clicking Dalton Caldwell or emailing the administrator. bpi solutions shows product highlights to the data classification, archiving for SharePoint and mobile. Solutions for CRM applications.

The self-learners automated classification enables the optimal use and management of the data on file servers in ECM-systems. DG office archives for SharePoint relieves the SharePoint environment and allows SharePoint objects based on individual rules for archiving. Inspire in conjunction with the Intelligent analysis software are rounded off by the DMS applications with workflow and process technology BPM smartFIX insiders. DATAWIN makes digital paper. Designed and produced DATAWIN scanners and mark document reader applications for data capturing worldwide. On the CeBIT DATAWIN introduces the HEMERA product line.

The portable high performance scanner HEMERA S and HEMERA C handle up to 360 documents per minute, archive them and sort them into 2 or 3 compartments. The HEMERA S based on the as a US election scanner”known DS850 and captured documents from cheque size in a run up to DIN A3. The HEMERA C is priced including optimized for applications in the medium performance range. the eebos GmbH is the strategic sales and service partner of Hyland Software. A partner status, which is unique in Europe.