Water Interception

Posted by Carlota on August 5, 2019
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High taxes of water interception for the canopy of the forests in coastal zones High taxes of water interception are waited in forests located in the zones coastal if compared with the situated zones in portions far from the continental edges. Which or which factors could explain this? When observing the amount of rain that rains below of the canopy of the forest, that is, below of the trees and in a next open area, that is, without trees, notices that the amount of water that enters in the forest it is lesser of what of the open area. This difference is attributed to the water retention for leves of the trees that if wet e, later, if they become droughts for the evaporation process. As the amount of leves in a forest area she is very high, the losses for water evaporation of the canopy also wet are great. This process of loss of water of the canopy for the atmosphere is called interception. The scientists who study water had observed that the forests in coastal regions present bigger interception of what very the situated ones in the interior of the continents.

Which or which the possible explanations for this difference? Two possible explanations had been proposals for the scientific community. The first one consists of the fact of, for being situated next to the sea, this could be a hot air source for the continent favoring then the evaporation process. Hot air if would form above of the water surface and if it would put into motion horizontally (advection) for the land where if high taxes of evaporation point out the forests providing. Another possible communication consists of the fact of the cloud formation, in low next altitudes to the forests, by means of the condensation, would liberate energy that, in turn, could be used in the process of evaporation of the restrained rain water in the canopy of the forests. These possible causes are not exculpatory, that is, they can act at the same time and, even so not if it has proven none of them, the fact it is, the situated forests in coastal regions intercept much more water of what the situated forests in situated regions in the interior of the continents, that is, far from the coasts. Chemical preparation from: SCHELLEKENS, J.; SCATENA, F.N. ; BRUIJNZEEL, L.A. ; WICKEL, A.J. Modelling rainfall interception by lowland tropical rain forest in northeastern Rich Puerto.