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Informative Self

Posted by Carlota on March 27, 2017 with Comments Closed
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As it will be seen, we are not defending foreign positions at any cost nor we handled false nationalisms. That we left Hugo Chavez who has given the sovereignty from our country to another one without a war of by means. Also I have affirmed, in relation to those same reactions against the article Because I will not abrir to my door to them, that if to you they said to him that government who has discriminated of a way abierta with the data of the population and who has given the personal data to him of the certification of the citizens and Public Registry to a company of another country, I do not say of Cuba, but of any other country (favor to read the contract with Albet-Gemalto available in the Network), and he says to him that he is going to realise a Census of Population and he is going to him to request ALL THE DATA of its house and other that do not have anything to see with an international Census, you would occur them? In the personnel I would not do it, since I have declared to him. He is as if to you you had assaulted it a thug in the street (Ready of Tascon and Maisanta) and would say that same thug is going to go to his house to ask to him but (Census 2011) and that please he abra the door to him, to him you would do you it? I do not believe that it does it to nobody. That is what I believe that will happen with the Census of the 2011. But it would be worth the government to forget to him that Census and to begin to guarantee to the Venezuelans the right to the Informative Self-determination. But that does not make a government castrocomunista. .

The Best Businesses

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The best businesses are those than they happen unnoticed although they are very profitable. The human being characterizes itself not to see microscopic nor neither the macrocospic thing. It seems paradoxical, but he is thus. When something is too great, he is invisible. At some time somebody realized of which the best thing than can happen to him to the internal gross product (PBI) of a country, is that people live the greater possible amount of years.

The advantages are: 1. – Everybody is going to agree. (Who does not want to be longevo) 2. – The people when they also cling to the life grasp to the money because they know that the last sickly, short years are of low productivity, since they will be tired, of view, deaf people, slow. 3.

– The foresighted austerity of the young adult includes great laboriosidad (they are motivated, rendidores, reliable, afraid workers of a dismissal, obedient) and also includes the hiring of life insurances, the contribution to previsual institutes, services of medicine are pleased and deposits in the banks that these will know to render with important gains. 4. – Old frail and longevo is somebody that only consumes, preferably in the area of the health, which contract much manpower directly (services of company, doctors, nurses, office staff) and indirectly (locomotion, domestic service, plus all the consumptions of those who they work in already mentioned direct attention). Perhaps the person who realized this phenomenon understood that as well as the prematuridad of the human species is profitable since the boy and the young person are great consumers because they are weak, fragile, dependent and full of desires and needs, also is profitable the sobrelife, by more artificial and of low quality that is, because a person, the more employee is, the more consumes, or because has a very gasping body (like the one of the children and young people) or very vulnerable (like the one of the old ones). It is probable that many think that the increase in the average of life is a profit of medical sciences that work very indefatigably by well-being of the species, when in fact it is a profit of economic sciences that work very indefatigably to maximize the yield of the capitals. We agree upon which anyway it is a profit that deserves applause.

Maia Citizenship

Posted by Carlota on March 13, 2017 with Comments Closed
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The Antimanicomial Movement fights to review the criteria of distinction of the citizens and to obtain to characterize the mental sick person between them, legally. Until the year of 2001, the structure of the referring law to the mental sick person was part of the Brazilian civil code of 1919. ' ' Some articles of the law determine for the mental sick person a citizenship tutored person attended, as it affirms Maia and Fernandes (2002). ' ' Tutored person is about a citizenship because she denies the ability and the autonomy of the mental sick people in the determination of the conditions of its proper lives. ' ' louco' ' he is hindered to usufruct of prerogatives of the civil life (individual, right freedom to the word, right to go and to come, to sign checks, to buy, to vender, to be married, to break up etc.), of the life politics (to vote and to be voted) and of the social life (subject to the reclusion in institutions special) ' '. (MAYAN & FERNANDES, 2002). Dallari (1987) apud Maia and Fernandes (2002), standes out two particularly problematic questions in such law.

The first one says respect to the insane person meaning, a time that has great controversy between doctors and specialists on the definition of insanity and its forms of manifestation. The second question mentions the atrelamento to it of madness, implicit in the law, to the way for which a person manages its money. Prodigal, in this in case that, they are the people who they spend very, without financial control, what also engloba one parcels out significant of the said citizens ' ' normais' '. The Antimanicomial Movement, has as objective the conquest of a full, emancipated citizenship. One is about a citizenship that if reaches in such a way with ability to tematizar the impropriety of the forms of exclusion of the insane person, how much to decide on questions that affect its life.