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Human Collaborator

Posted by Carlota on May 13, 2019 with Comments Closed
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Therefore, to take care of to the necessities of the customers is basic function of the company, stops to face the competitiveness. The differential is to surprise at positive form the customer, in its experience with the tangible or intangible product. For this the participation conscientious and motivated of the collaborator and the tunning with the explicit and implicit necessities of the customer are necessary. The good attendance to the customer is a combination between the elements: quality, efficiency, cost of the product, distribution and rapidity. All these elements are promotional of the environment that facilitates to the implantation or the conquest of the allegiance.

To provide a quality service is much more of what watching over for its necessities or directing its claims. To surpass its expectations and to enchant require it a previous preparation. An excellent attendance passes for the anticipation of the problems. Training is the key. At a time where the success of the businesses has to the front the attendance and in the base the focus in the customer, to know fully the potential of the collaborators it is a good way to be trod. To train is above all to value employee and to prepare it for, also, valuing the customer. Ahead of the displayed one, the performance and welfare of the collaborators, were concepts that until some years behind were considered antagonistic, however, to the few, happily, this was if modifying the companies they are if humanizando, and they had started to direct the searchlights for the human capital, as soon as they had perceived that they are the people that make to the difference and that this capital does not belong to it, only is to its disposal, while it will be capable to manage it in efficient way. Never before it was so important to know to give with the abilities human beings to it on the part of the managers, to develop the capacity of enxergar each subordinate as a person ' ' nica' ' , with characteristics, expectations, ambitions, desires and proper necessities and the agreement of that, for each type of collaborator, it is necessary that if wall lamp an appropriate style of leadership. We perceive that the collaborator puts the disposal of the optimum company of its potentialities when he is motivated, that is, when it perceives that the organizacional environment offers conditions so that it carries through its desires: of being active and participativo, of being able to make choices, to belong to a group where well it is received and respected, to develop its abilities, to carry through, of being recognized and if feeling important, of this form this will only reflect in the customers, reason of being of the organizations and consequently the company if it keeps competitive.