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Brazilian Association

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For the first time the Home Office (Ministry of the Government) and the police came to dialogue with the Latin American community The Church of St. Peter was filled and people didn’t want to leave after 4 hours of meeting The Home Office showed his respect for the Latino community and listened to it. Contemplates solving several cases and not continue arrests/raids in what remains of this year Several police chiefs claimed that their orders are to hunt down criminals and not undocumented Revealed new law that would allow the illegal and irregular stay in UK if they marry resident or national UK or EU Peruvian lawyer Miguel Boris told the Home Office that shot left them backfire and that judges have ordered that they must now recognize the undocumented when they consume marriages with British. Liberal Councillor reported that the recent Convention of his party has agreed to ask for an amnesty for all those who live more than 10 years in the UK All attendees came out very pleased the Assembly yesterday He has given many advances to the Latin American community in the UK, the same which brings together between half a million and a million people. For the first time the Home Office and the police agreed to engage in dialogue with our community. The Colombian master Gloria Gomez and the Brazilian lawyer Vitoria Nabas who explained the problems of that collectivity. luz Lopez was table and translator. Carlos of the Brazilian Association (ABRAS) questioned them to the Home Office by treat Latinos as animals.

According to him the latinos pay taxes but have no rights. In recent years doctors not let many latinos register (even those who have passports of EU). Many latinos are deported without the right to v9lver with their belongings and even their passport or be able to withdraw their money from banks.

Racing Club

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Plays in Torneo Argentino A, a soccer championship third division organized by the Federal Council, an internal organ of the Association of the Argentino.corrian football the last days of 1924, holiday season, in a room of the Suipacha Street to 900, in the traditional and by then called neighborhood English, a group of boys who had just a game of football a few blocks from the placereplacing the tired, a little joke, but with the solemnity that invoke transcendent acts, decided to found a club that channeled his passion for the sport. Then, born on a warm afternoon of December 14, 1924, in almost silent and anonymous, form without grandiloquent speeches, with simplicity but with unwavering determination, Club Atletico Racing. That same Act of Foundation was decided to form a Commission provisional, which is designated President Rodolfo Castro Aguirre. The name and colors when choosing the name, one of the founding members, Mario Sanchez, who a few months later would occupy the Presidency, suggests the name of Federal shooting. The reason, his sympathy that felt towards the Rosario club.

On the other hand Jose Salomone, later leader, proposed the name of Club Atletico Racing, being from years follower of the Racing Club de Avellaneda. Taking these two proposals, the provisional directive Commission headed by Rodolfo Castro Aguirre decides to present to vote for the name that liked them more. After scrutiny, came to the conclusion that the preferred name was Racing Club. And the new institution of the capital of Cordoba would come under that name to the history of the national football team. When choosing colors there was no discussion, the choice was unanimous. The blue and white was the color chosen, but a problem arose when formalized: the club Velez Sarsfield already used previously, the alternative arrived it was a jacket light blue, white and red vertical poles. But a year later the club Velez Sarsfield is dissolve, so Racing could access their coveted colors, which would accompany it since then and forever.

European Recycling

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However, multitude of services such as municipal selective collections or destruction of discarded confidential documentation services, which is currently self-financing with revenues from the export market, represent from now a considerable expense for Councils, companies and consumers in general. According to REPACAR (Spanish Association of recuperators of paper and cardboard), the export of recovered paper to Asia market is a natural flow since carton which enters Europe-returns to its origin. Every day reaching European markets products protected with cardboard packaging, returning to Asia for the production of new packaging. In addition, this return is made through strategies of reverse logistics, with a maximum use of synergies of transport and a minimum environmental impact (containers (which transported paper and paperboard production recovered to Asia, are containers of return, that have to go back to Asia, empty or full), thus closing its cycle of life through recycling. Furthermore, according to REPACAR, also China has recently promulgated the twelfth five-year plan of economic and social development, which will be deepened in the development of an economy based on recycling and environmental protection.

This country has been consolidated as one of the first consumers in the world of secondary raw materials, given the needs of the recycling industry capable of absorb the surpluses of the European and North American countries and convert them for further use, avoiding consumption of new resources as timber, such as landfill or incineration of surplus recovered paper in Western countries of origin. Recycling DOLAF, is a pioneer and leader in the recovery and export of waste paper for recycling, with a volume of annual production of more than 100,000 tons. With the recovery of recovered paper, Recycling DOLAF provided free services for various city councils municipal selective waste collection, as well as services of confidential destruction of useless documentation, at no cost to hundreds of public and private agencies.


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Begins dismantling in Granada outraged Assembly that remain from the past on May 17 at the Plaza del Carmen of Granada have approved a plan to raise camping expiring next Saturday with a symbolic ceremony coinciding with the Constitution of Councils. The dismantling of the camp will begin on Thursday at the end of the […]

The Supreme Court

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But, what we mean by public necessity?. At this point we are the criterion that the so-called public necessity is the widespread lack of a population with respect to a particular State public service. This is common deficiency that injures a particular population which requires the State to take as an exceptional measure the expropriation. […]