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Posted by Carlota on June 15, 2017
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The transformations and innovations in the businesses, products and services, must follow the transformation of the society, that is, the society evolves and the companies, with its products and services also must evolve for better take care of it. The occurrence of these points is perceived in Bar of the Pira. The growth of the local population and the neighboring cities brings as consequence the growth of the retailing, that is one of the generating greaters of local job. This article deals with the empreendedorismo as a whole. The ideas that if they transform into chances.

It also approaches the trends of market in the retailing in the generality, however having as approach the city of Bar of the Pira. 1,1 SUBJECT In the globalizado world where we live, where the changes are constant, exist people who are always intent to the transformations of the society, in its development and search to convert its ideas into business chances and this nothing more is of what being enterprising. The branch of the retail has great importance in the Brazilian economy and is responsible for great part of the income of the population. Its evolution is part of the economic scene in some Brazilian cities. It is catalytic of the development of the economy and provides improvements in the quality of life of the communities. 1,2 DELIMITATIONS OF the SUBJECT the empreendedorismo inside of the retailing as subject, has its delimitation from the beginning of the mandate of president Lus Incio Lula da Silva. 4 1,3 OBJECTIVE the present article has as objective to verify if the adoption of enterprising attitudes can to change a society and its economy. To identify what it influences the taking of these decisions and attitudes. Moreover, more specifically to point the importance and the evolution of the retailing in Brazil and in the city of Bar of the Pira, where it is responsible for the income of great part of the population and for the growth of the local economy.