Change In The Management At PrintoLUX

Posted by Carlota on November 1, 2018
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Hermann Oberhollenzer takes the helm at the identification specialist the end February 2012 when CEO-change at the identification specialist PrintoLUX (Frankenthal) took place in great agreement of all involved. It means a clear turning point: the previous Managing Director Peter Jakob was responsible for the development and successful market introduction of the procedure for the industrial marking of signs, front panels, piping and equipment. Hermann Oberhollenzer’s new Managing Director has been in the company responsible for marketing and sales. He worked closely with the Executive Board in this role and now takes over the responsibility for a new stage of the company: the internationalisation of PrintoLUX in the European area, as well as the differentiated development of the product portfolio. From the inventor to the Manager of the 1948 born Peter Jakob, founder and former CEO of PrintoLUX, a specialist for everything is what pressure’s words, and Has to do printing materials”. And tinkerer – inventor type he deals preferably with the improvement of techniques and materials. By customers he was often animated, to develop a contemporary procedures in the field of labeling technology.

So it also resulted in more than 15 years ago the first experiments that would later lead to thermosetting digital printing by PrintoLUX. I wondered at the time”so James why industrial signs not just as easily can manufactured from plastic and metal such as a wine bottle labels. On this issue he then found a convincing answer with the PrintoLUX process, now in the year 2008 market ready. Equipped with an modizierten inkjet printer, special color inks, a handy recalibrated to harden the pressure as well as selected print materials (different metals and plastics) the procedure could prove from then on, that it is easy to implement – as easy to use in all operational processes. By other striking features – including an extreme resistance of pressure as well is one of PrintoLUX as high precision of the printing image, multicolor and Ecology through water-based inks quickly and well in the business.