City Councils

Posted by Carlota on March 31, 2020
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One of the great problems of economic the present situation in Spain is the non-payment of the invoices on the part of the public institutions, mainly of the city councils and the independent communities. All does not have the same debt nor the same custom of not paying but unfortunately it is common that the companies that have worked for a city council have received the payment by their work. Those that undergoes the non-payment of the invoices are habitually small and medians companies that suffer not to be able to receive what it corresponds to them, until the point to have, in not few occasions, to throw the closing. And more now than the banks they have closed the faucet of the financing. Pongmonos in situation.

A SME whatever it has delivered economic an attack important to carry out a work contracted by a certain city council. Follow others, such as Ebay, and add to your knowledge base. In order to realise this work it asked for a loan with the intention to pay it when it received the amount budgeted in the invoice. Nevertheless the time happens and the town hall does not pay. New works do not arise or those do that it need investment. But the company is drowned paying the loan or simply it does not have more money to invest until it does not receive the money that owes to him. If this situation is extended it is probable that finally the SME must close. We have presented/displayed a very black panorama but it is that unfortunately it is quite common. Although the politicians leave saying the important thing that he is to pay the invoices because on it good part of industrial weave depends maintaining, besides the infinity of families who depend on those companies to live, in spite of that tenth, the dilatoriness of the public institutions is very worrisome. And although we hope that the situation finally is reverted, the change is taking place painfully slow.