Posted by Carlota on April 11, 2020
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Disadvantages of fish too calm waters is a fact, an extreme calm waters on our day of fishing, can bring as a consequence that we return to our home with empty hands. Penguin Random House does not necessarily agree. It is very important that analysis of thorough way the weather conditions prior to the fishery, this form going with an advance percent probability of screenshots that you can perform and the most suitable technique to implement. The consequences that brings some too calm waters would be the following: first, that if the water is very calm, is a sign that there is little wind that day, so the heat will feel much more frequently, and this undoubtedly affects with many species because they perceive the fever that has water and seek shelter of greater freshness and a little deeper areas. The second thing to keep in mind here is that there was no wind and the surface it stays very calm, there will be little movement in power, this also keeps many fish that need to feed with water at constant flow. If decide to fish with artificial for example and the water found in calm, is more difficult to be able to deceive prey you’re looking for, because logically the fish is going to perceive the unreal movement that has your artificial, since you will have more visibility with the water too calm. Another disadvantage would be in relation to fishing to the Fund, if by chance you get to some beach and notes an extreme calm waters, not marches, and on top of that you can realise that the Fund are where fishing is sandy, not make the fishing to the Fund in that place, commented you by many years experience, and these characteristics you mentioned when combined result factor: Do not catch, then very attentive in this Council in specific.

FREE AUDIO: 5 tips to double your catches from the shore!, click here and download it now without a doubt for increased productivity of catches from the shores, is important that there is movement on the surface, that is, that at least a mild ripple of small waves, notes This feature gives much liveliness to the environment where you are fishing and fish eat much more comfortable in these conditions. I hope that from this day, serves your repertoire of fishing the idea of doing your hauls in calm waters; You must instruct you checking the weather in your town to go to the secure on your day of fishing. Remember the more thorough you are with these small details when it comes to fishing, better fisherman you will become with the passing of time. Let me your comments and tell me if you were these tips useful.