Descrife The Language Of Your Smile

Posted by Carlota on January 11, 2013
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I feel to imagine your smile and seems to lie a day of October you asked that I join hand in the path of love and you said yes! An inhospitable path for both but I always knew, provided that everything was going has okay with your charisma, everything would be great… And when was born the trust my life because very easy charm of my eyes when we decided mutual so that I could trust you, like you could trust in my and when we started to love us because my sky in the course of the days my love how not loving you, if he was addicted to your lips! How does not love you, if forgot to kiss you until my name! Quererte, is, and will continue to be a form of being in heaven, pro without being in lived, alive i will live always longing for once again being at your side while you have oxygen in my lungs I have behind you to love you and when he started the love then began long before that unforgettable night in which my lips musitaron the word TE AMO…I found the phrase more beautiful that I could have told someone I felt that you loved not just to kiss you, caress you feel like my skin causes him so much printing your skin but to see in your beautiful eyes my future…a future that takes your memory a future as designed by you as credible, real, tangible because TU estas in the dreamer, dreamer, people may tell Me alien to us to dream, to live thinking in the future but is that in my mind, these only your and what people say if whom I love is to you who say think that what they want because I say it..I think…I want to have you and today it September mi Gordita I can be happy…Smiling feeling that I have someone so wonderful to my side, but not even is difficult for me imagine this life without you my heart still does not forgive me deny thy presence these months and believe me, you’re right nor myself even me so forgive anything se compara a ti. The most beautiful day in my faculty or more enjoyable exhibition that I provide nor a more beneficial training that I can achieve anything is so ALICIANTE as you’re not but do I, a future without you trying to.