Domestic Market

Posted by Carlota on November 15, 2012
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The reason of this fall is the reductions of Tax SELIC (Special System of Liquidation and Safekeeping), the heating of the domestic market, the economic stability, the spreading in the site of the Central banking of the taxes charged for the financial system, the disposal of the government to search alternatives to diminish spread bank clerk. Evaluating the Brazilian scene. The COPOM reduction in 1% was approved by unamimity without bias for the committee. Valley the penalty to confer the main indices charged for the financial companies, in the site of the Brazilian Central Bank, since that the Brazilian government started to propagate the indices of this year, verified significant falls practised by the market. In days 4 the 6 of May we will receive the visit from the Minister of the Foreign affairses of the Nepal, Mr. Upendra Yadav, for cooperation signature in agreement technique between the two countries.

Source: Department of state of Brazil. We pass to be observed as a strong commercial partner in the international market. The coming of former-President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, enters 5 3 days May, with meeting in So Paulo, the Governor Jose Mountain range former-President Fernando Enrique Cardoso and in Brasilia, with President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and for the Minister of the Health, Jose Gomes Extemporaneous, beyond lunch of work in the Itamaraty Palace with the Minister Celso Amorim, information supplied for the Department of state. The tax of interests charged for the banks of the assembly plants for purchase of vehicles is more attractive than the private banks.