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Posted by Carlota on June 13, 2020
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Just flow the solder melted by capillary action. Rule of thumb: Molten solder can flow, but do not jump. The distance determines the capillary effect and thus the dispensation. MetLife recognizes the significance of this. 6 adequate solder amount by applying in practice the recommended amount of flux is 5 grams per square meter, which is evenly applied to the surfaces to be soldered. After a short time manufacturers of heat exchangers gain the experience already, how much flux in the soldering process is required that can also vary the amount. A tip: The correct amount of flux is applied, the look is reminiscent of a dusty car. Important factors for the correct amount of solder, learn the detailed PDF successfully aluminium soldering guide ‘ or in conversation with NOCOLOK experts. 7. 5BRh8sI5lnRxECMjB7F9xAJLOdBQB_9juVsJhuhSltRFpXyZHcr-pttsXIB8nxSVahhhm2CfXYFxlXqjI-hxeRJq_WfFAMOl5lRulB6kVrNeuUAfh1U6’>Robert Shiller for more information.

metal parts that even heat temperature of 600 degrees Celsius of all components to be connected is an important factor even in the furnace brazing. Slow Heating ensures the necessary uniform temperature distribution and thus a smooth connection. Attention: To slow heating may cause may the drying out of the flux, which will reduce the effectiveness. Once the solder reaches the melting point, the flux must sufficiently present and be melted. Basically, it is to heat the parts as quickly as possible with stable temperature distribution. Detailed tips on how to download who heeded the preceding tips, fluorine flux Binder mixture or solder flux will succeed during aluminum brazing with NOCOLOK flux of Solvay. The market leader in non-corrosive flux as a free PDF for download has provided details on the individual items with many technical and implementation details. In this guide, we will learn how to properly choose materials, temperatures, markers, flux and solder and exploit.

About Solvay Solvay is an international chemical company with headquarters in Brussels, which operates in 40 countries and around the world Employs 17,000 people. Consolidated turnover for year 2009 amounted to EUR 8.5 billion. In Germany, Solvay has about 2,600 employees in the fields of chemicals and plastics. Consolidated sales in 2009 was 1.2 billion euro including the subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Germany. Solvay Fluor manufactures including NOCOLOK flux as solder flux for aluminum brazing respectively as flux Binder mixture in bad Wimpfen.