Extent Countries

Posted by Carlota on April 20, 2013
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For underdeveloped countries (Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru) and ours, it is clear that they have scarce capital resources, technological, educational and a low standard of living. What organizational development in these countries will not be very noticeable; There are also countries like Mexico that we could say that it is in the middle of the developed and underdeveloped countries is to say that he has a level of development more high than countries considered as underdeveloped, but to her you see lower that the developed condic allows you to deploy the D.O. not in all its entirety but yes to a considerable extent to the point that most large Mexican companies have obtained excellent results with its implementation. The same situation is reflected in organizations; companies or large organizations implement the D.O. (organizational development) because they have the necessary resources (Advanced qualified human resources, technological resource great income from capital etc), and certainly trust that this strategy is going to lead to success. But small businesses do not have such resources and that’s why they put resistance to change because it is obvious that any change in your home generates sacrifice and if not is this prepared to cope with it is sure that these companies disappear in his attempt. In conclusion I think that it is important to recognize that organizations are not only growing to the extent that these are changing their cultures and thoughts if not also to the extent that available talent human qualified and high values, advanced technology, ample capital resources; all of this accompanied by the implementation of strategies more humanistic and participatory. In other words is the combination of technology, talent and capital that guarantee implementation of the OJ in any organization; but above all we must recognize the human being in all its potential as a major contributor of values within organizations. Original author and source of the article.