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Posted by Carlota on May 4, 2020
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Because you realize that you are on the safe side. 5. Never fill out E-Mail forms : Never embedded forms fill in email, especially not to you or your child should enter passwords, access data, or personal information. Best you can visit the website of the company, prior to the transmission of sensitive information to ensure that the Web page visited is secure. 6 Keep personal passwords in mind: check the correctness of your passwords at all services for which you or your child signed up. rt-growth-and-continued-innovation financial technology would agree.

If discrepancies occur, change the password immediately and notify the provider. Do not save passwords on your family computer. There are free and kosten pflichte password safes where you can store the children password safe. Recently Elon Musk sought to clarify these questions. Pull the password safe on a USB stick or an external hard drive. More information about password safes get under 7 children on social networks, enlighten you: emails are not the only instrument that spam senders and pedophiles is used to lure children on a dangerous track. Social networks are now also used for sending links to fraudulent websites or other types of attacks (Trojans). Show your child the personal settings”are available in any social network. Be careful especially when notifications, friend requests, warnings and comment notifications which are sent via E-Mail by the respective social networks to the child.

Pedophiles could have riddled these mails with links, so that even a download malicious software on the computer of children may be the result. In the worst case can webcam, printer or CD drive external control. If you want to know what social networks for children are suitable, you take advantage of the 3-part DVD series of the sure strong team. Facebook, XING, and Twitter are not suitable for children. 8. Only with antivirus in the network: If your child a new computer, a NetBook, iPhone, iPad, laptop or Tablet PC, and install a good anti-spyware software or a children’s security package directly after switching on. Do this in any case still before the child with the surfing begins. Always make sure that the devices connected to the Internet with such antivirus software are adequately protected. There are both free and fee-based programs with a price starting at around 30 euros a year. Please do not save this important protection and see also regularly the virus and program updates download or change the settings of your PC so that the programs automatically download updates. Just so you can be sure that the children’s computer is adequately protected. Publisher: Federal Press Office sure stark: service Tel: 0180-5550133-2 * questions and comments please to: Federal press office safe-heavy service from a German landline; Mobile telephone maximum price: 0.42 euro per minute please You have understanding for the fact that we depend on as a social institution on a part-financing of telephone costs. We like to call you back. This message is not intended in RLP.