Generating Empathy

Posted by Carlota on April 3, 2014
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A very useful form to use the corporal language is for generating empathy in the person that you have in front of you. When generating empathy the person feels in confidence with you since it perceives to you like an equal. This is very useful for example, in the field of the sales, where to manage to establish affinity with the client he is fundamental to establish the commercial relation, if the client perceives to you like an equal, like somebody in that to trust, of insurance will buy more to you. Then, we are clear, is useful in the sales, truth? but, what like you can valerte of this resource in the field of the seduction? It does not seem to you interesting that you establish affinity with that special person since just begins the relation? What seems to you to use this technique to create attraction in the next opportunity that you are with that person who makes you sigh? So we go to the grain: the best form to generate empathy with your even potential is by means of the imitation! Thus it is! it imitates his movements as if between you two it had mirror, leaves to a time of approximately thirty seconds between the movements of her and the imitation by your part, but they ten present not to make a coarse imitation that more seems you are imitate that it in mocking form, hazlo of a way that is natural. It imitates its movements, their gestures, the speed of its voice, the tone and including its respiratory rate.

You could more ahead add when already you are skilful in the art of the imitation, equaling its blinking, this hill a little at the outset, because to us it becomes rare to make of controlled form a gesture that is involuntary, but with you will obtain it practices it, when applying it correctly the subconscious mind of to the other interprets it person because you two are in perfect harmony, settling down equality, and this equality increases the attractiveness between you. How you will know if you have obtained affinity with that person? You will know that you have achieved your objective if in the course of the conversation the other person begins in unconscious form to duplicate movements that you realise, S.A. to cross you legs it realises a movement similar or to they sien tocarte it or the chin she does the same you obtained it! You created affinity by imitation..