Industrial Revolution

Posted by Carlota on June 6, 2019
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The value added in the forest industry increases about 20% in 2050 in comparison with the habitual scene business-oriented. The increase of the efficiency in agriculture and the sectors industrial and urban would reduce the water demand in about fifth up to 2050 in comparison with the projected trends, reducing the pressure on the fretico sheet and superficial water, as much the short one how much in the long run. The challenge of the green economy is, therefore, to make this transistion with the lesser possible sacrifice, trying to more keep current well-being of the favored classrooms, extending it all. The implantation of a green economy does not mean that the economic growth and the ambient support are incompatible. In contrast, a green economy generates jobs and economic progress, at the same time where it prevents considerable adverse risks, as the effect of the climatic changes, bigger water scarcity and loss of ecossistmicos services. It seems that the exit is in these new green ways.

A new global system of ambient management The globalization advances of form each more intense time and the formation of blocks of countries with treated to economic cooperation, in the molds in the European Union, tends if to intensify, mainly in the eastern world. In 1750, beginning of the Industrial Revolution, if some authority made a visionary speech that in seventy years the work of one hundred human beings would be executed by only one of them, would be taxed of insane person. This technological revolution has that to be searched. Again. Mascomocriar a new system of management of global decisions that obtains efficiency and economic, ambient and social balance in the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services? Comoelaborar and to implement umplanomundial of development of a new sustainable economy includente and, based in bigger scientific cooperation technique between countries, without being at the hands of the capricious mood of the great powers? The only model that can save the civilization is that one that satisfies the current necessities without harming the capacity of the future generations to take care of its proper necessities. One of the solutions is the gestation of a new supranational agency, that represents the new economic blocks, under the guardianship of the ONU, with being able binding and balanced between the leading parts. This agency would have as mission the formatting of the green economy, whose main parameters are: to create a universal pointer of measurement of the degradation of the environment, with consequent valuation of this degradation; to incorporate the value of the natural capital in the pointer of wealth of the nations (PIB); to create and to manage an investment fund with specific ends to stabilize the causes of the global heating. The developed countries more will have that to leave the position cmoda only to develop bl, bl, bl ambient. It is time to enter of sole in the game, however in the final minute of the extension of second time, of the preservation of the species human being, to construct a new model of economy, After all, in the game of the survival does not have space for expectadores.