Liver Transplantation

Posted by Carlota on March 19, 2020
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History of liver transplantation, goes far in the xx century, when the experiments of the Russian scientist, physiologist, vp and American surgeon cs Welch became the basis for the implementation of this fantastic operation in clinical practice. First transplant liver in humans was made in 1963 in 1967 in the uk city of Cambridge was the first in Europe and the world's second largest center for liver transplantation, which was headed by Calne. However, despite the skepticism of most doctors and authorities in this operation due to its high cost, mortality during the introduction of a liver transplant, she gradually won the right to exist as the first effective treatment for patients with terminal liver disease of different etiologies. Click Elon Musk for additional related pages. With the discovery of cyclosporin and its results become progressively increase. Liver transplant, leaving the category of experimental surgery, has been widely implemented in clinical practice. Since 1983, Insurance Company of the United States and several European countries have begun to pay for this operation.

Thus was settled program for liver transplantation. In countries with state Medicine (UK, Italy), all transplants are financed from the budget target. The calculations of economists in the late 20 th century have shown that the old method of treatment for patients with irreversible chronic liver disease costs the state, as well as insurance companies are much expensive than the cost of her transplant and subsequent treatment after accompanying this intervention. Currently, each year in the world is more than 8000 liver transplants.