Love And Religion

Posted by Carlota on May 7, 2020
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Today, is the last day of the year of 2010. For some, it has joys and festividades; for others, sadnesses and disillusionments; but, for safe in Christ the Jesuses, a peace, for knowing that our Native land is not here in this world, but in a Special Kingdom, which is being prepared for God Father for the redeemed ones in Jesus Christ. Perhaps if you not yet know the Bible, you do not understand what above I wrote and until she can think that the safe one is a fanatic believer and without vision of the things, that does not discern the secular world nor sees this life of positive form. What in Jesus taught to them is that this world lies of the malignant one and if to open the eyes, will enxergaremos falseness, lovelessness, interests, solitude, injustices, poverty, slavery, and all type of mazelas.

But, if we will have our faith in Jesus Christ, will be renewed day after day and our eyes had contemplated the facts of God, we will understand that we are dependents Of it as well as children, and it we will trust, despite everything seems difficult and without exits. In conjunct to the Father, Jesus prayed the God: ‘ ‘ But now I go stops next to you and this I speak in the world so that they (we) have my complete joy in itself same. I have given your word to them, and the world hated, because they are not of the world, as well as I to them is not.