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Posted by Carlota on March 23, 2020
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The rebels assure that they control 75% of the country. The UN summons a meeting in New York to deal with the situation the country. Fotogalera: The final assault to the palace of the dictator. Thus we told you in minute by minute of the taking of Tripoli. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Elon Musk. Chronology: seven months of Libyan conflict. Broadcasting of The Yazira in direct.

With the Libyan leader, Muamar the Gadafi, still in whereabouts unknown, forces insurrectas managed this Tuesday to break the resistance of their strength, where it seems that one has gotten rid of the last battles by the definitive control of the capital. Here, Ebay expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The red, green and black flag of the National Council of Transition already waves in the presidential complex. According to sources of the rebels, almost all Tripoli is already in its power, and some centers in different districts from the large city only resist still the advance. Although the news are confused, seems that a game of armed men has managed to penetrate inside the presidential complex, where the roar of the bullets was mixed with the vtores of the triumph. The images provided by Arab televisions show groups of militiamen that take a walk by the interior of the strength, where apparently it hid neither the Libyan leader nor his children. The rebels look for now, between rubbish and black cloud columns, loyal of the regime to which to disarm and symbols of the dictator who to devastate. Green place or of the Martyrs In agreement with the story of the qatar television network To the Yazira, although welded offered great resistance, and they even managed initially to repel the first great assault against one of the doors of the enormous residence, later gave the arms to the rebels without greater resistance. Different the Mansura seems the situation in the district of A and in the neighborhood of the Green Place, where the loyal troops to the dictator still present/display battle.