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Posted by Carlota on May 6, 2013
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TXT e-solution launches PDMi Product Data Management and Intelligence, the new module which integrates the process of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with a series of new features developed with the collaboration of customers and the first to adopt the solution in an optics of extensive PLM or merchandise-driven. The objective is to increase expertise in areas such as collaboration with vendors and its integration with activities correlated to the management of demand and merchandising. In addition, web portal 2.0 and the UI based on the use of balanced scorecards, favor the development and end-to-end of the Collections Management. These capabilities help TXT extend its leadership in this market where can already count with more than 230 customers worldwide. Important research as AMR Research Inc. business confirm that the fashion sector continues prioritizing the PLM in IT investments that companies recognize their potential and their ability to ensure competitive advantage and profitability.

In some cases these investments come up 40% of the total budget compared to 2008 and IT, 12 per cent more companies are interested in investing during the next year. With the new PDMi, TXTPERFORM2008 Fashion & Apparel provides a range of PLM unique and complete, able to cover all processes, from design to the point of sale. Workflow capabilities based on the various functions, ensure a reliable and process renewable offering the basis for continuous improvement. Intelligence and results management capabilities beyond reporting standard by providing sophisticated trend analysis based on best-selling products, prices, the geographical situation, the characteristics of the product, as well as visibility on the stages and the advance of the collection. This information provide companies a new perspective whose use in the product development process guarantees the success of the collections to benefit from a better understanding of consumer purchase behaviours. Communication between business, creative, and vendors is perfect and that is why the objectives of the different parties are aligned to achieve the same objective of business through the process of PLM guided by a commercial perspective.